Wilton Chemical Fire Contained Safely

Hazmat teams from Norwalk and Fairfield County aided Wilton Fire and extinguished the flames without incident.

Over 45 emergency responders from multiple towns contained a chemical fire on 26 Pond Road in Wilton that occurred at around 9:45 a.m. this morning.

“At no time was anyone in any immediate danger,” said Wilton Fire Chief Milositz. “We planned on the side of safety.” 

Milositz said that a private contractor had been cleaning up an oil spill on private property, using 550lbs of powdered sodium persulfate and 165 lbs of powdered calcium peroxide, two chemicals which are routinely mixed with water and are used to clean up spilled oil, Milositz said. 

However, a chemical fire occurred, leading Milsotiz to theorize that an additional, possibly residual chemical may have contaminated the other two chemicals, causing a fire, although it remains unknown if this is what actually happened.

Persons were told to close their windows and remain indoors because responders were wary of the resulting smoke from the fire, although this was mostly a precautionary measure for a worst-case scenario, which this “was far from,” said Milositz.

Evacuation concerns and worries of resident’s inhalation of the smoke turned out to be a non-issue because homes on Pond Road spaced rather far apart Milositz said.

The fire was contained without injuries and the house on 26 Pond Road was not damaged. Responders began disembarking at around 1 p.m. Pond Road appeared to have been closed for three to four hours while the fire was contained. 

Milositz said the contracting company involved in the spill, Redox Tech LLC,  routinely cleans up oil spills and  that this was the first time that Wilton Fire had dealt with them under such circumstances.

Responders included Fairfield County Hazmat, Norwalk Hazmat, Norwalk Fire, and Weston Fire Department. 


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