Wilton Police Offer Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Burglary

Most important: use common sense.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo
The Wilton Police Department wants to remind residents of some safety tips that will help you prevent or delay a break-in to your car, home or business.

The most important thing is to always use common sense.

Always lock your car. This may sound simple but most cars broken into are left unlocked. If you think about it, a car that is open or unlocked does not require any unusual noise to enter and would not attract attention.

Also, do not leave valuables in your car, such as phones, computers, purses, wallets, money and GPS devices because these items can be taken quickly from an unlocked car. Many times these items are left out in plain view for anyone walking past a vehicle to see and take. It only takes a few seconds to open a door and grab something, usually avoiding detection.

Be discrete when placing items in the trunk of your vehicle. Use common sense and consider that you may be leaving your valuables at risk of being stolen. Your best approach is to always remove all valuables and lock your car. 

At night, park in a well lit area. The cover of darkness makes it easier for a thief to take advantage.

Always lock your home or business when leaving and close your garage doors. If you have an alarm system, activate it before you leave, even if you are leaving for just a short time. Keep in mind, a thief is looking for an easy opportunity that will not require much time.

By utilizing some common sense approaches to crime prevention, you can help diminish your risk of becoming the victim of a crime.

You can also help your neighbors by reporting suspicious people and cars to the police department. Call Wilton Police () if you see something suspicious. Try and be the best witness you can by relaying the clothing and physical descriptions, vehicle color/make and license plate number.

Many times over the years after a home was broken into, officers have learned from a neighbor that they had seen someone or a vehicle that was suspicious. Simply put, “If you see something, say something.”

Based off a release from the Wilton Police Department.


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