Lack of Evidence Surrounds Wilton 'Nanny' Abuse Case

The parents of the allegedly-abused children remain 'unconvinced' and there is no video evidence to back up the claim, the Wilton Villager reports.

The woman whom Wilton police arrested last week on the charges of risk of injury to two Wilton minors has “’no plans to plead guilty’” and that the parents of the alleged child abuse victims “remain unconvinced that the altercation happened,” the Wilton Villager reports, citing the accused’s attorney for this information.

The attorney said that his client was not an actual nanny and was just ‘”filling in’” and had no previous criminal record, according to the Villager.

Tammy Lindquist, 48, of Norwalk, was one of the children—police reports indicate a complaint of strangulation to a child—while Lindquist was placing them into her Acura SUV in the parking lot. According to police, a CVS employee became concerned for the children after the accused allegedly yelled at the kids in the store and called them “little bastards."  

However, the Villager reports that surveillance video within the CVS store shows no criminal behavior on the part of the accused. 


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