'Boucher for CT' Fundraising Totals to Date: $66,659

Boucher, who represents the 26th State Senate district, is exploring a possible run for governor.

The following is a press release from "Boucher for CT"

Toni Boucher’s statewide exploratory committee, reported Friday that it had raised more than $37,000 for the quarter ending December 31, bringing the total of all funds raised since the committee’s launch to $66,659.
“My message about raising the standard of our state government continues to resonate very clearly everywhere,” said Boucher. “Our state is rudderless like a ship adrift at sea, with an administration bent on serving every interest except the public’s. Turning the state around will require public acknowledgement of the severity of its problems, frank conversations with all stakeholders about its shrinking economy and loss of jobs and people, an honest exchange of ideas across the political aisle, and an open door to collaboration that will reduce taxes and spending to make Connecticut competitive again. People want a leader who will face the facts and fix the problems. There has never been a time when Connecticut has needed this more.”
Boucher, who represents the 26th State Senate district, is exploring a possible run for governor.


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