Campaign Notebook: How Negative is the Senate Race?

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.



Even the most casual of television viewers have probably noticed the glut of negative ads related to the Senate race between Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon. It might seem like civility is a thing of the past, but that’s not necessarily true.

The Connecticut Mirror interviewed Susan Herbst, author of “Rude Democracy” and president of the University of Connecticut for some historical context.

While the Senate ads criticizing the character of the candidates might seem rude, they pale in comparison to one event Herbst called “rock-bottom.”

According to the Connecticut Mirror:

And as the politics of sectionalism in the 1850s drove the United States toward the Civil War, South Carolina Congressman Preston Brooks viciously beat Massachusetts Sen. Charles Sumner with a cane on the Senate floor after the latter referred to Brooks' relative, Sen. Andrew Butler, as a pimp trying to introduce the whore of slavery to Kansas.

Fourth District


Candidate Steve Obsitnik criticizing the Democrats’ stances on Israel. Obsitnik called out opponent U.S. Rep. Jim Himes:

“Congressman Himes claims to be a friend of Israel, yet has been silent,” said Obsitnik. “He was silent when his party inexplicably dropped language from its official platform naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. And he’s silent now as the Obama Administration ducks a meeting with Israeli officials as they ask for stronger action to avoid a nuclear Iran.”

Himes’ campaign website details the dangers facing Israel.

Part of securing a lasting and just peace throughout the region is the creation of a viable, autonomous Palestinian state living in peace with Israel. The two-state solution is the only viable long-term solution, most likely to lead to a sustainable atmosphere of peace in the Middle East.

I support all efforts to make the hostility Israel faces a thing of the past and share the vision of two states living side by side in peace.

Amo Probus September 14, 2012 at 10:05 AM
It's shocking to see us walking away from Israel, we should have expected it though following BHO's comments when he went to Cairo in 09 shortly after his start in office. He said something about a new beginning with the Muslim world based on "mutual respect." How's that working out?


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