Campaign Notebook: 'Over-the-Top’ Senate Ads Attract National Attention

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


The campaigns of Linda McMahon and Chris Murphy are apparently providing some unintended laughs throughout the country. A Yahoo News article looks at some of the livelier television advertisements and mailers sent out by the campaigns.

According to the article:

If there were any doubts that the tone of the Connecticut Senate race has become one of the most negative in the country, a glance at either side's abusive and sometimes wacky campaign ads should clear them up.

Fourth District

Jim Himes and Steve Obsitnik talked at a forum in Stamford on Wednesday. The candidates, according to the Connecticut Post, “differed on ways to continue the nation's emergence from the shadow of the crippling five-year recession.”

Obsitnik blamed Himes’ policies for the slow recovery. Himes said the economy would have collapsed if Republicans had their way.

Amo Probus October 26, 2012 at 11:31 AM
Obama is so very small minded. He collected a billion dollars in campaign donations and spent most of it denigrating Romney and obviously none of it developing a strategic platform to improve the economy. Now we know Romney is not the boogeyman and he has a plan. So Obama is left citing big bird, bayonets and BS for reasons to vote for him. Hope and change has devolved to fear and ridicule. How ridiculous! But vote for the king of divisiveness if you are mindless.


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