Federal Sequester In Connecticut: Middle Class Jobs at Stake

In a breakdown released Sunday by the Obama White House, officials say the automatic cuts that would take effect Friday could have broad implications for the state and country.


Connecticut could lose middle class jobs and "vital services for children, seniors, people with mental illness and our men and women in uniform" under the automatic federal budget cuts known as the sequester that are looming this week, the White House said Sunday in a summary of the budget reductions.

The budget cuts would see the state lose $8.7 million in education funding along with another $6.3 million in federal funds to help students with disabilities.

The cuts, the White House document says, would put "around 120 teacher and aide jobs at risk. In addition about 8,000 fewer students would be served and approximately 40 fewer schools would receive funding."

Other possible impacts of the sequestriation in this state include:

  • Work-Study Jobs: Around 550 fewer low income students in Connecticut would receive aid to help them finance the costs of college and around 470 fewer students will get work-study jobs that help them pay for college.
  • Head Start: Head Start and Early Head Start services would be eliminated for approximately 500 children in Connecticut, reducing access to critical early education.
  • Protections for Clean Air and Clean Water: Connecticut would lose about $2 million in environmental funding to ensure clean water and air quality, as well as prevent pollution from pesticides and hazardous waste. In addition, Connecticut could lose another $398,000 in grants for fish and wildlife protection.
  • Military Readiness: In Connecticut, approximately 3,000 civilian Department of Defense employees would be furloughed, reducing gross pay by around $15 million in total.
  • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Funds for Crime Prevention and Prosecution: Connecticut will lose about $153,000 in Justice Assistance Grants that support law enforcement, prosecution and courts, crime prevention and education, corrections and community corrections, drug treatment and enforcement, and crime victim and witness initiatives.
  • Job Search Assistance to Help those in Connecticut find Employment and Training: Connecticut will lose about $242,000 in funding for job search assistance, referral, and placement, meaning around 10,650 fewer people will get the help and skills they need to find employment.
  • Child Care: Up to 200 disadvantaged and vulnerable children could lose access to child care, which is also essential for working parents to hold down a job.
Cliff Cuming February 26, 2013 at 12:04 PM
This is nonsense. Do you really mean to say they can't save 2 cents on the dollar of NEW spending? This is a rounding error on the 17 trillion dollar debt. Obama deserves an Oscar for his acting (as opposed to leadership) skills.
Cliff Cuming February 26, 2013 at 12:13 PM
Taxpayers saw their social security tax increase from 4.2% to 6% on Jan 1st. Did your world end when you cut spending on other items by this 2%? Would Wilton schools really struggle to find a way to meet the 1.8% growth target instead of their proposed 4.9% Get real.
Sanchez February 27, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Not one line in this propaganda as to the number of years these "cuts" take place. First they are not "cuts" to spending but cuts in the planned INCREASE in spending. This budget for 2014 is more than 2013 which was more than 2012 which was more than 2011 ........ It is this year only about a penny on the dollar and when we are borrowing a trillion dollars a year this is nothing less than a cut in BORROWING! They are already releasing detained illegal aliens to cut and the thing ain't even here yet! This is all nonsense and LIES of omissions by the writers who regurgitate this stuff for the regime,
Sanchez February 27, 2013 at 12:35 AM
My proposal to my wife, I promised her I would cut back on my drinking. I was drinking 2 beers a day and was going to increase that to 5 a day as spring came in and outside work began. So to compromise, I will cut 20% of my beer drinking this spring. I will only drink 4 a day come spring. I 'hope' she goes for the 'change'.


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