Gov. Malloy Says No to Border Tolls

Danbury and Stamford can breath a little easier. Gov. Malloy said he opposes tolls on the state's borders. He didn't say he opposes tolls entirely.


In good news for Danbury and Stamford, Gov. Dannel Malloy told the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce he opposes tolls on the state's borders.

Malloy was careful about his words, saying the U.S. government turned down two states in this economic downturn that sought tolls, but he said those states wanted border tolls.

"I do not promote border tolls," Malloy said, speaking in response to a question from Stephen Bull, president of the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce. Malloy said people who support border tolls are always people who don't live on the border. "That's politics 101. Tax some other guy. They're all for it."

When Malloy elaborated on his answer, he said Connecticut will face a shortage of transportation money when car mileage doubles over the next 10 years. He said sell half the gas, earn half the tax revenue. The state has to figure out where to make up that shortage.

Malloy was speaking to the chamber at the corporate relocation company Cartus on Apple Ridge Road, and about 200 people attended the gathering. Malloy spoke one day before the legislative session opens Wednesday in Hartford.

Malloy said he will present his budget to the legislature on Feb. 5, and Connecticut doesn't know what the Federal Government will give the state, so creating a new state budget will be more difficult because of federal uncertainty.


Anthony Bennie January 09, 2013 at 08:23 PM
Stop spending billions more than we already confiscate in taxes and wewon't need to talk about "border tolls"as if we were driving between foreign countries. And take note, citizens- we are being setup in advance for increases in the gas tax for every mpg of average fuel economy improvement. Don't kid yourself that the global warming zealots care about your cost of living or want us peons to actually SAVE money for our own families; anything we gain in energy efficiency, the left will want back in higher taxes. After all, in their eyes, it's never really OUR money, is it? 39.6% + 8% CT Income tax + what will now be over 4% medicare confiscation (oh,sorry,"deduction") means the fed and state government has now been empowered to TAKE at least 51.6% from the highest earners, not counting real estate taxes,gas taxes,electricity taxes, the sales tax on amost EVERYTHING we buy these days. When you see Pelosi or Obama wag their fingers and castigate the congress for not raising taxes ENOUGH, you have to wonder how much they want- 60, 70,75, 80%?


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