New Bill Includes Higher Taxes on Roll-Your-Own Cigarettes

Two Conn. bills included higher taxes for roll-your-own cigarettes, removing law requiring certain number of state troopers.

Both the state Senate and House of Representatives approved a 492-page bill during a special session Tuesday and Wednesday that includes higher taxes on roll-your-own-cigarettes, small business incentives and removing a law requiring a certain number of state troopers, according to the Hartford Courant.

The bill was approved by Senate with a 22-14 vote and the House with a 88-53 vote. The legislature also approved a budget bill for the fiscal year, which starts on July 1. Included in this bill is a $3.5 million loan for Bridgeport on the condition that the state education commissioner has a role in choosing the city's next superintendent of schools.

The Senate Democrats' job bill (Senate Bill 1), which was designed to stimulate the state's sluggish economy, was rolled into the budget bill, according to the Courant.

, D-Meriden, in the special session following the of his campaign manager Robert Braddock Jr. two weeks ago. Braddock is accused by the FBI of trying to hide donations to Donovan's campaign from smoke shop owners, raising questions of whether the donors were seeking to influence Donovan's vote on the pending legislation. any knowledge of the donations.


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