Himes Praises Local Firefighters on House Floor

The Cos Cob congressman discussed the devastation Hurricane Sandy caused in CT.; says Congress needs to help citizens.


During his speech chastizing Congressional Republican leadership for failing to vote on the Hurricane Sandy relief package, US Rep. Jim Himes (D-4) praised the efforts of Greenwich firefighters during the Oct. 29 storm.

Hours before the House leadership announced there will be a vote Friday on $9 billion in aid, Himes said, "During that horrible night, the firefighters of Old Greenwich, the Red Cross in Bridgeport ... the response of the people who said I will help ... they were doing what's best for all of us in times of crisis ..."

During the height of the hurricane, a fire broke out in a Binney Lane home in Old Greenwich and quickly spread to two others. About 30 professional and volunteer firefighters battled rising tides and 80 mph winds to keep the fire from spreading in the waterfront neighborhood.

In his Jan. 2 speech, Himes also cited the ultimate sacrifice made by Easton firefighter Lt. Russell Neary who was killed when a tree fell on him while responding to a call during the hurricane.

Congressional leadership on Thursday said a vote on the remaining portion of the requested $60 billion in hurricane relief as requested by the governors of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey will be held later in January.


Cliff Cuming January 05, 2013 at 11:54 AM
More BS from pander man. Remember how the left jumped on Bush for being "slow" to help Katrina? Now the left is quick to blame the "right" for being slow with Sandy...duh isn't obama in Hawaii on vacation again (at a cost of 20 million bucks). Well you can blame Boehner for the last three days but who do you blame for delaying the authoring of a pork filled 80 billion dollar oversized request in the first place? Christie, Cuomo, Malloy were foolish to load so much pork into their original request. The Insurance Institute estimates the total damage at 20 billion...not 80 and not the 'pared down' 60 billion Himes should get off his partisan horse and get to work.


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