McMahon Spends $78 Million on Senate Races

Most of the money she has spent on her 2012 and 2010 Senate campaigns is from her personal fortune. Her opponent, Chris Murphy has spent about $8.7 million.


U.S. Senate hopeful Linda McMahon has spent nearly $28 million of her own money on her political aspirations during the current campaign, and about $78 million on her campaigns for this election and the election of 2010.

Campaign finance records show that McMahon has loaned or contributed to her current campaign nearly $28 million for the 2012 campaign. That amount includes $14.7 million in a two-month period that ended last month, according to The Day of New London. The paper gleaned the campaign finance spending data from mandated reports McMahon and other candidates filed in September with the Federal Election Commission.

The former chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment lost her bid for the Senate to Democrat Richard Blumenthal in 2010 after spending nearly $50 million of her own money. She and her opponent, Chris Murphy, are locked in a bitter contest for the Senate seat being vacated by Joseph Lieberman this year.

While McMahon has largely financed her campaign with her personal fortune, Murphy’s battle to win the Senate seat has been paid for mostly with $8.7 million in campaign donations, The Day reports.  Recent polls show the two locked in a statistical dead heat.

While McMahon’s spokesman says the candidate’s use of her own money underscores that her vote can’t be bought by lobbyists or outside interests, Murphy’s campaign aides have said McMahon is using money she made at the WWE “selling sex and violence to children to fund her desperate campaign of lies, smears, and attack ads,’’ the Boston Globe reports.

Lorna October 23, 2012 at 09:52 PM
Tragedy: McMahon on this ego trip instead of being a philanthropist. Imagine how she could improve nutrition and education for children in Bridgeport by sharing substantially less than $28 million. It sickens me to see so much money wasted on political campaigns when there are people in our affluent county without the basics for a decent survival.
SomeonesDad October 24, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Bravo! That money could have done SO much good in this state, yet it was completely wasted on an ego trip. This further proves she's a phony. And, really, you have be very suspect of someone who will spend so much money on a job that pays around $120k/yr or so.
Amo Probus October 24, 2012 at 02:16 PM
Maybe she is truly committed to stopping the slide to socialism and is willing to pay out of her own pocket. The money goes to printing presses, TV advert agencies, office space etc so it does not just disappear.... I agree however it would be nice to see it go to education
Eric Cameron October 24, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Why stop at money spent on political campaigns? If we all decided to live with only the basics and gave away anything above that then we could also help those people correct? I see a lot of nice SUV's and luxury cars in Wilton. I am sure they are not driven exclusively by Republicans. What about cell phones and Ipads? Do we all need the latest iPhone? Do we need to wait on line at Apple to buy the lates version of the iPad? Shouldn't we be happy with the basics and give everything else away?
Wake Up! October 24, 2012 at 11:40 PM
She earned it, its her money so she can spend it any way she wants to. I love it when people are quick to tell others how they should give their money away. Before you start telling others how to spend their money maybe you should give away an equivalent portion of your money before you criticize others.


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