POLL: ObamaCare: Should it Stand or Fall?

The Supreme Court of the United States began hearing a case regarding the constitutionality of President Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act.

America's nine highest justices are currently hearing arguments both for and against —otherwise known as ObamaCare—hailed by many as President Barack Obama's signature piece of legislation.

The court has granted six hours of oral argument time for the case, the most time given an issue in four decades. Oral arguments began Monday and are scheduled to conclude Wednesday, March 28.    

Though a study released by the Urban Institute found that only two percent of Americans would be subject to the bill, others argue that an individual mandate is unconstitutional and is another example of the federal government overstepping its bounds.

The law is expected to be upheld, the Huffington Post reports.

The case will be decided in June. 

Jlo March 28, 2012 at 05:15 AM
If our gvt got rid of lobbyists and communicated directly with the health care industry we would be much better off. The government and doctors should be telling insurance companies what to do if they want to stay in business. Insurance companies should not be telling doctors and the government what to do. Tort reform and comfort measures are very important things to look into.
Bill Smith March 28, 2012 at 12:36 PM
What thought process brings the “yes” voters to the conclusion that combined intelligence of Washington, having already botched the economy, botched the housing market, botched the national debt, botched the war on drugs, botched border security and have half the country on food stamps, will suddenly get it right with health care? Just a point for government paid health care supporters: "government-paid" means "tax-payer paid" which translates to workers/tax payers buying insurance for non-workers/non-tax-payers (i.e.,” common ownership of all economic means of production and social sameness”-- Karl Marx)--not exactly the "American dream".
Cathy March 28, 2012 at 01:37 PM
We seem to be neglecting the fact that medical industry is ignoring what all other business/industries must and do take for granted because WE have permitted the gov't to be involved for decades - starting with our senior citizens. With Medicare they have removed the ability of the medical service providers to be competitive. Also, did you know that once you reach the age of 62 or 65, depending on you work status, you ca no longer purchase private health care insurance... You must accept Medicare. And while you can purchase supplemental insurance, the government has insured that 'they' control the costs and decisions. Now they are trying to work their inappropriate actions on everyone. The entire system is mucked up and I contend that the medical providers have the responsibility to fix this mess, not government. In the last two decades, I have been the person to select health insurance products for my husbands business and have been On the Patch survey... One can never believe them because you can vote as often as you want.
Eric Cameron March 28, 2012 at 02:20 PM
As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Most of the Government problems start out with well intentioned causes. Helping the poor, providing medical coverage, ensuring "fairness". The results unfortunately almost always end up with unintended consequences to say the least. The interstate commerce commission began because of unfair railroad pricing. Because of competition, shipping rates for long distance rail were cheaper than short distance rail travel. Solution.....get the government to regulate. Result?.....Long distance rates increased tobe in line with short distance rail. Thank you ICC. Then along come trucks which present competition to rail. Competition is good right?...Nope, "unfair to rails"...Solution....Include trucking in regulation and restrict access. And so it goes. The country is littered with examples of government regulation and programs which start as a well intentioned idea but seldom have the intended results. The last complex oil refinery built in the U.S. was in 1975. Gas was $1.85 per gallon the day Obama was innaugurated. Where are we now?
Cathy March 28, 2012 at 02:30 PM
It is frustrating that those who are in favor of OBAMACARE are not willing to acknowledge the damage that it will cause... The cure is worse than the disease. Refusing to acknowledge the damage this initiative causes many Americans in the name of serving the most unfortunate among us is made worse knowing that that damage I reference will undermine the sustainability of the good precepts that OBAMACARE offers. This law as already been the cause of lost jobs among other things. The government would serve us all better by stepping back and allowing healthcare service providers to operate in a competitive field so that they can be free of burdensome regulations that skew and unnecessarily raise the cost of healthcare. Medicare is a prime example of why things cost so much. And the fact that every American must be a client of Medicare when they 'come of age' is part of the problem... Just try insuring yourself privately after the age of 65. You can't


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