Obsitnik Criticizes Himes' Growth Effort

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


The West Hartford news reports that Susan Bysiewicz's strategy against Chris Murphy has changed from claiming he is too moderate to appealing towards women. They cite her TV ad highlighting a breast cancer survivor.

Fourth District

The campaign manager for Steve Obsitnik told the Minuteman News Center that the Bureau of Labor Statistics delivered more numbers indicating Jim Himes' efforts to restore economic growth have been ineffective.

Steve Obsitnik responded saying, "The Himes' record has blanketed businesses both small and large with economic uncertainty causing people to rethink making critical investments in their people. Additionally the continuous delay of necessary government reform has created a massive 'fiscal cliff,'arriving Jan 1st, 2013 by postponing critical decisions on the budget, taxation and entitelment reform."

Correction: The information from the Fourth District came from a letter to the editor, not a news story as previously indicated.

Will Wilkin July 13, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Jim Himes, on behalf of his friends at Goldman Sachs as well as the rest of the 1%, seeks to continue ruining the country by exporting our manufacturing, ie, our jobs, our GDP, our opportunities for the future. The Republicans and the Democrats have the identical ruinous "free trade" policy that is also undermining the dollar's status as a world currency, due to the chronic trade imbalances made inevitable by Wall Street's "free trade" policy. The American political system has been completely bought out by the looters of our country, the elite who have zero identification with the long term interests of the people of the USA. This is why voting itself is a scam, a way of legitimizing a plutocracy. Besides "free trade" export of our manufacturing, technical and related jobs, the other main causes of American economic decay are the runaway militarization of our economy and foreign policy, as well as the refusal to tax the wealth that exists. Over 800 US military bases on foreign soil, military spending approaching a $TRILLION every year --more than the next 14 nations combined-- costs money, especially when it includes several wars (never constitutionally declared). As for taxes, recall that under Ike the income tax and capital gains taxes were at or above 90%, unlike the tax holiday now enjoyed by the 1%. Steve Obsitnik will support all this exactly like Jim Himes. VOTE SHMOTE.


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