Redding Air Force Vet Seeks To Challenge Himes

Richard Weiland is running to get the GOP nomination to challenge Congressman Jim Himes (D-4th) this November.


A veteran of the Air Force who’s lived in for over 35 years is seeking to unseat Congressman Jim Himes (D-4th) this fall.

But he’s first got to grab the Republican nomination.

Dick Wieland—a self-proclaimed “retired businessman, but not a retired citizen”— said he’s got administrative experience necessary to enact change in Washington.

“I have a military, professional, business and citizen [experience] that has demonstrated sound judgment, [as well as] good decision-making aspects in all these fields,” Wieland told Patch. “I have a demonstrated ability to outline a plan, articulate the details and achieve supporter buy-in—otherwise known as leadership. I have the wherewithal and energy to confront Washington and make a change.”   

Wieland—who was an engineer and an executive after serving in the armed forces—said that the Obama administration is causing lots of harm to America and that Himes is one of the president’s biggest enablers.

“After three-plus years of Obama government policy, they have demonstrated they do not understand the national issues confronting the America citizens,” Wieland said. Obama’s administration has offered “no realistic jobs policy, oppressive tax levels and more to come, ever-increasing debt and no attempt to address that problem and more and more government regulation.”

Furthermore, Obama has enacted “ever-increasing attacks on our rights, such as health care mandates.”  

“Any sane person would want to get involved to put a stop to all that nonsense,” he said.

Wieland said his 50 years of “successful experiences,” his wealth, his demonstrated electability—“being elected President or Chairman of multiple organizations”—and the fact he’s a “self-made individual” differentiate him from other candidates—such as —seeking the Republican nomination.

“I have earned all my stripes,” he said, adding he had no family wealth backing him. “[I’m] just a common man with common sense [with] great Washington experience from the taxpayer side of the fence.”  


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Wieland said his 35 years of living in the 4th District have given him a unique understanding of the problems Fairfield County is facing.

“I understand the community issues,” Wieland said. “I do not have a tax-and-spend-Democrat mentality. I look for the long-term, lasting solutions not the quick fix kick the can down the road.”   

Wieland said he’s put up $500,000 of his own money into his campaign.

“Himes represents his campaign contributors,” he said. “I know right from wrong—Jim apparently does not.  Himes represents Washington to the 4th, he does not represent the 4th to Washington.”

Wieland said there’s a slew of Obama administration policies which are adversely affecting the 4th District: over-regulation by the government, the current tax code, the debt and the deficit, Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, immigration, federal mandates and entitlements.

“We are a highly professional and skilled constituency, a mix of religious and cultural backgrounds,” Wieland said. “Over regulation by the government is killing our ability to move forward. I suggest we sunset a block of say 20 agencies and see if we really miss or need them.”

Wieland lives in Redding with his wife of 35 years, Gail. Together, they have three daughters.

For more information and a complete biography, visit Wieland's campaign website


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