Romney Wins Wilton's 2012 Republican Primary

Mitt Romney captured 78 percent of a small voter turnout in Wilton.

Romney made a clean sweep for Connecticut's 2012 Presidential Primary yesterday, and Wilton voters helped him do so. 

Of the 585 registered republican Wilton voters who turned out to cast their ballot in yesterday’s primary, Mitt Romney won in a landslide with 78 percent of votes.

Newt Gingrich followed with 9 percent and Ron Paul came in third with 8 percent, leaving Rick Santorum—who actually resigned from the primary, but his name remained on the ballot—in last place with 5 percent. Two percent voted as uncommitted to any candidate. The data below is provided from Wilton’s town website.


Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

Rick Santorum


Total votes







Number of registered voters: 4253

Number who voted: 585

Turnout: 13.75 percent


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