Traffic Lights To Go Online in Georgetown

Redding is expected to have its first traffic lights ever go online today in Georgetown.


Starting today, Redding Police officers will likely be allowed to do something some of them have never done before in their law enforcement careers: Write a ticket for running a red light.

The traffic lights installed at the intersection of Main Street and Route 107 and the intersection of Route 57 and Route 107 in Georgetown are likely to go online today, according to Redding Police Chief Douglas Fuchs.

“They have to be inspected by the state—the state is the one who makes the transition,” Fuchs said. “We believe that is going to take place on Thursday.”

Fuchs said the lights have been flashing for 30 days so drivers could get used to them.

“We’ve had officers here who’ve never written a red light ticket,” he said.

The installation of the traffic lights and crosswalks was a requirement by the state in order for the long-proposed Gilbert and Bennett project to move forward, according to Fuchs.

“The gateway [for that project] is built,” he said.

In the time being, those on foot wishing to cross from Portland Avenue to Main Street will be safer.

“Pedestrians can now more safely cross Route 107,” Fuchs said. “We couldn’t accomplish that without traffic lights. Now the two sides of 107 have been connected by a safe place for pedestrians to walk.”

EMR January 31, 2013 at 07:37 PM
Another idiotic waste of taxpayer money.


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