Trumbull: For Safety's Sake Stay Inside Tonight (Update)

But Halloween will be re-scheduled, and there is one indoor event tonight at the mall.

Update, 3:15 p.m.

First Selectman Tim Herbst has released the following statement:

“Right now, the Town of Trumbull is working to restore power and clear roads.  Earlier today, the Town of Trumbull, upon the recommendation of the Police Chief and our Emergency Management Team, made the strong recommendation to residents and parents to avoid going out this evening for Halloween. Thirty minutes ago, I received a telephone call from Chief Kiely advising me that the UI Make Safe Crew came upon three downed power lines - - all of which were live wires. Had these wires not been discovered this afternoon and had people gone out this evening and not seen these wires in the dark, a resident or their children could have been seriously injured. I cannot emphasize enough the seriousness of the safety hazards that exist on Town roads.  

School Supt. Ralph Iassogna has not even been able to make the determination as to whether school will open or close tomorrow given the condition of Town roads, downed power lines and those that remain without power. The Superintendent plans on making this decision later today, upon learning additional information.

Again, upon the recommendation of Chief Kiely and the Emergency Management Team, I strongly urge residents to not go out this evening with their children. 

The Town of Trumbull has rescheduled Halloween for this Saturday, November 5, 2011. Other communities in the State of Connecticut are taking the same steps and proceeding with the same date. We believe this will allow Halloween to proceed for Trumbull’s children without compromising their safety or the safety of their parents or any other Trumbull resident. I should also note that the Westfield-Trumbull Mall will be hosting tricker or treaters this evening from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. I encourage all Trumbull residents to  go down to the mall with their children to participate in this event.”

Original Story:

Halloween is not cancelled in Trumbull, but it has been postponed until the roads are clear again, said First Selectman Tim Herbst.

Other towns, like neighboring Monroe, are doing the same.

In a phone recording, Herbst said, "In light of tonight being Halloween, upon the recommendation of the Chief of Police and our Emergency Management Team, we are strongly advising residents to not take children out this evening. With high winds this evening and tree limbs still being a major issue, in the interest of the safety of the children and their parents, we believe this course of action is appropriate."

But Trick or Treaters can go to the today from 3-7 p.m. Children ages 16 and younger accompanied by a parent or guardian, are welcome to trick or treat at the mall. Participating stores will have pumpkins displayed in their windows.

Meanwhile, about 1,100 Trumbull UI customers lacked power at 11 a.m. Monday. If you are in need of sheltering call Trumbull Social Services at 203-452-5199.

Trumbull residents can take showers at the with identification from 6:30 a.m. to 10 a.m., 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Concerned Parent November 01, 2011 at 12:58 PM
Bill, don't lump us all together. I have had issue with several of Tim's political moves, but I look at each issue independently. He absolutely did the right thing with the warning yesterday, I support him 100%. In fact, the mayor/FS of every town I know of did the exact same thing. These days, we just have some over-the-top libertarians who are just angry and losing focus of what they really want/need. This particular issue really separates those who have political differences with the FS from those who are just angry and unable to think clearly.
Kristy Waizenegger November 01, 2011 at 02:18 PM
And guess who would have been blamed if God forbid a child was injured... I don't understand these reactions to a decision that was made to keep your children safe but mostly I don't understand how the hostility is directed at just one person when others, including the Chief of Police, were clearly involved in the decision. Sometimes being a parent means kids are disappointed but safety has to be the priority.
Trumbull Supporter November 01, 2011 at 02:34 PM
Kristy There are a lot of parents who are extremely disappointed in the Herbst administration and its blueprint for education. Then they got a slap in the face with the nomination of Ms Cindy Penkoff for BOE. So when Trumbull Day as we knew it, and Halloween gets canceled under his watch we tend to be a bit more sensitive. Right or wrong that is my take on the overreaction.
Concerned Parent November 01, 2011 at 02:50 PM
Trumbull Supporter, I am with you on ALL of the items you listed, but I still feel the backlash on Halloween is unwarranted. I am convinced that Tim did not make his announcements with glee, nor did he make the decision lightly. He did the right thing, and asked the Chief of Police what to do and was advised to encourage people to stay safe. I haven't heard of any charges pressed against many kids and parents who did go out (including a few who visisted my house last night who we hapily gave Candy to). In fact, in life you can make lemonade from lemons. My kids think this year is great, they got Candy last night, and they get to go out and get more candy on Saturday. I understand why many are upset with Tim about education, Trumbull Day, and a bunch of the politics ... but this one was sort of a no-brainer (every town with power issues did the same thing) ... and it was harmless and thoughtful. People who find themselves feeling hatred or abnormal levels of animosity over politics should check themselves.
J Strouse November 01, 2011 at 07:37 PM
Although CP and I disagree on some issues, we totally agree on this one. CP's reaction to this is the same as mine; it was a good recommendation no matter how you slice it, and I would think that any First Selectman, Democrat or Republican, would have made the same decision to advise caution. That's all this was. I, too, am sometimes concerned about government intrusion in our lives, but this is exactly the role government should play. As CP said, this was one was a no-brainer.


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