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Chat with fellow Wilton residents about what's happening today. Results for state and federal candidates will be posted here live as votes are tallied. Connect with us on Twitter too at #ctelections.


Check back here all night for live election updates.

Voters head to the polls Tuesday in the tightly contested presidential race.

Patch will have more than 40 reporters throughout southwestern Connecticut to report on what's happening at the polls, and will post throughout the day in our Election Day Live Blog. The blog also will include videos and photos from polling places, the best coverage from around the Web and more.

You're also invited to share your views on the election by posting a comment on the blog.

And when the poll close at 8 p.m., stay with us for not just the results, but also to join other Patch readers in talking about the historic election.

Alethiologist November 06, 2012 at 06:11 PM
marge November 07, 2012 at 12:38 AM
Today I went to vote at Cider Mill at 4:00pm. I had 5 kids in the car with me. As we were pulling in, a car in front of us stopped, a young boy got out, and grabbed the sign of one of the presidential nominees out of the ground, threw it into the car and off the car went. Two of the boys in my car said that’s “name” (a fellow eighth grade boy they go to school with in Wilton). I was watching in disbelief, not sure at first what was happening, once I realized, I was shocked (pretty brazen act to perform in front of polling place in the middle of the afternoon with so many people around). More shocking than a 13/14 year old boy pulling a political sign out of the ground (kids do foolish things) was the fact that he was being driven around by an adult, I would guess either his grandmother or babysitter. At first we thought to follow them, this was a felony after all, then I realized that would be setting a bad example for a car full of kids so we just discussed. Mainly we discussed how people can disagree with each other politically, and have respectful, thoughtful conversations. And how people who pull sign out of the ground are generally people you cannot have a thoughtful conversation with (kids want action and wanted to know what I planned to do about the offenders). I am hoping that this grandmother/babysitter sees this and maybe realizes the lesson they are teaching is not the right one about the political process, and life in general.


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