Wilton Eye on the Beltway: Blumenthal Honored By Sports Group

And, DeLauro and Murphy oppose Republican plans for domestic violence act.


BLUMENTHAL: The senator was one of a few legislators honored by the Sports Fan Coalition for supporting legislation to eliminate the FCC's sports blackout rule on Tuesday night. The other recipients were Commissioner Robert McDowell, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), and Reps. Joe Barton (R-Texas), Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), Steve Scalise (R-La.) and Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.).

Blumenthal tweeted about the awards ceremony and posted this photo:

"Honored to be Sports Fans Coalition’s Most Valuable Lawmaker for work on sports blackouts w/ @DavidGoodfriend @brifred http://bit.ly/Jf6F4j"

LIEBERMAN: The senator released a response to the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee's approval of the .

“S. 1910 is not about same sex marriage,” he said. “It is about equal pay and equal benefits for equal work. In fact, many people who oppose the legalization of same sex marriage, including myself, strongly support this equality in employee benefits for domestic partners…"

HIMES: The congressman offered his Twitter followers a peek at his hefty lunch on Wednesday along with this little zinger:

"Got my 3 pound burrito and my diet coke. That's an example of a bad hedge. #riskmanagement http://pic.twitter.com/7DHaw8xK"

DELAURO: The congresswoman expressed her thoughts on the Republicans' proposal to scale back the Violence Against Women Act on the House floor on Wednesday. "We are talking about women’s lives here," she said. "This is no place for partisan games. The rule before us would roll back the essential protections that have made a difference for so many women."

MURPHY: The congressman also objects to the Republicans' proposal for the Violence Against Women Act and posted a series of tweets about the topic on Tuesday and Wednesday:

"One GOP amendment to #VAWA would rollback existing law to allow domestic abusers to keep their guns. #badtoworse"

"GOP #VAWA bill says if victim is gay, undocumented, or Native American, she gets less protection. That's not right."

"@RepJoeCourtney, @rosadelauro, state Rep Mae Flexer and I call for immediate action on Violence Against Women Act"


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