Wilton Eye on the Beltway: Blumenthal Supports NFL Probe

The senator may be involved in a "Bountygate" investigation; Himes tweets about his trip to Bahrain.

LIEBERMAN: Along with Sen. Blumenthal, Lieberman responded to the Navy’s decision to homeport the new Virginia-class attack submarine USS Mississippi (SSN-782) at Naval Submarine Base New London following its commissioning June 2:

“We look forward to welcoming the USS Mississippi to SUBASE New London, which will increase the total number of submarines homeported at the base to 16, he said in a press release. "This is an important step forward for the Virginia-class submarine program, which continues to be one of the most successful and cost-effective procurement programs in the Defense Department’s portfolio, and for SUBASE New London, which remains the Navy’s ‘First and Finest’ submarine facility. We are encouraged by this signal that both the base and the Virginia-class program remain indispensable elements of our nation’s defense.”


BLUMENTHAL: As a part of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the senator may be included in an investigation into the NFL's "Bountygate" scandal, which involves players getting paid case for injuring their opponents during games, according to the Connecticut Post.

Blumenthal told the Post that he supports the league's action "to act swiftly" if the program indeed existed and questions whether these practices plague other professional and collegiate teams.


DELAURO: The congresswoman sang the praises of the Seymour-based All-American Valley General Store during a visit on Monday.

According to the Valley Independent Sentinel, DeLauro said the businesses like All-American Valley are "critically important" to the state's economic recovery and in “getting people to know their agricultural roots and use that as a basis for tourism and for economic success.”


HIMES:  The congressman took a trip to Bahrain this week, but had time to send a few tweets about his trip:

Sent on April 1:

Of course, this Congressman got to #Bahrain in 14 hrs. Beat that, John Trumbull. Visiting sailors of 5th Fleet tomorrow. And US ambassador.

Sent on April 4:

On way back from #Bahrain. Visited sailors, govt officials and opposition. Also toured villages where protestors are met with tear gas.


MURPHY:  According to a press release, the congressman sent a letter to President Obama renewing his call for the war in Afghanistan to end.

"Mr. President, as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I must use this opportunity to reiterate my belief that since your speech [in 2009], the ground has so significantly shifted — both in Afghanistan and here at home — as to warrant a dramatic new timetable for withdrawal," he wrote. "I believe that conditions now command us to wrap up combat operations as soon and safely as possible, but no later than the end of this year. The past ten years have cost us dearly in blood and treasure. We have lost more than 1,700 American lives and spent nearly $600 billion in Afghanistan. Enough is enough. I am confident that most Americans agree with my belief that we should spend the next ten years investing in education in America, infrastructure in America, and manufacturing in America- not fighting in Afghanistan."  


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