Wilton Eye on the Beltway: NCAA Taken to Task

Lieberman on the Secret Service prostitution scandal; Murphy supports gay marriage as other Democrats remain silent; DeLauro warns of food stamp cuts.

BLUMENTHAL: U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal spoke on the floor of the Senate asking the NCAA review and possibly change its academic policies in light of the UConn men’s basketball suspension. 

“It is a process that may be well-intentioned,” he said on the floor. “Its goals may be laudable, raising academic standards must be done, and I support that effort enthusiastically and passionately. But the application of any rules must be fair, and applying them arbitrarily and unjustly undermines the credibility of the cause that is sought here.”


LIEBERMAN: A scandal involving the Secret Service and prostitutes in Columbia is under investigation and U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman offered a statement.

“I spoke with Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan today. He appreciates the seriousness of this case, which is reflected in his quick and firm reaction to the matter. The issue needs to be thoroughly investigated and, if the allegations are true, people should be punished,” he said. “My staff and I will continue to receive daily updates and gather facts before determining whether it is constructive for the Homeland Security Committee to conduct a public hearing on this matter.”


DELAURO: U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro continued criticizing Republican policies by warning of a bill that threatens food stamp funding.

“Our economy was driven into the ground by the choices made in the last Administration. Now, the Majority wants to add insult to injury by taking away a valuable program that helps millions of American families put food on their tables,” said DeLauro in a statement. “Incredibly these $33.2 billion in cuts would come on top of the cuts assumed in the Republican budget. Those cuts would slash food stamps by another $133.5 billion and fundamentally downgrade the program from one that is responsive to the needs of Americans to an inadequate block grant.”


HIMES: Tough economic decisions are coming this December, warns U.S. Rep. Jim Himes. That’s when $1.2 trillion in undisclosed cuts go into effect. Himes met with editors of Hersam Acorn newspapers and talked about what’s on the horizon.

"I'm actually a little excited about December. All of this stuff is really bad. Somebody hates something about everything that happens in December. That opens up the possibility for real negotiation,” Himes said.


MURPHY: A Washington Post columnist says that Democratic candidates are remaining quiet about their support for gay marriage – except for U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy - who is vying for Senate.

The web sites of the 10 Democratic candidates running as challengers or for open seats show that very few of these candidates are eager to jump on this particular bandwagon. Only two — Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and Chris Murphy in Connecticut — trumpet their support for marriage equality and for repealing the Defense Of Marriage Act.

Amo Probus April 20, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Did any of these 5 really "do" anything last week that reduces spending to get us out of the ditch they put us in?


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