Wilton Primary Turnout Lags Behind State

Fewer than 25 percent of Republicans here voted in the primary Aug. 14, compared to 18 percent of Democrats.


More Republicans than Democrats came out to vote Aug. 14 in Connecticut’s statewide primaries.

A total of 113,538 registered Republicans cast ballots in last week’s primaries and with 409,723 active registered Republicans in the state, turnout for Republicans in the primary was 27.7 percent statewide, Secretary of the State Denise Merrill reported Thursday.

Democrats lagged behind the GOP in the primary turnout. With 138,004 registered Democrats cast ballots in the primary, out of a total of 717,241 active registered Democrats in the state. That represents a turnout of 19.2 percent statewide for Democrats.

The turnout figures are slightly below normal for Democrats and slightly above normal for Republicans in a statewide primary, Merrill said in a press release she issued Thursday on the turnout figures.

“Democrats and Republicans throughout Connecticut had their voices heard and made a choice about who will represent their parties on the ballot in November,” Merrill said. “As we start down the road to the general election, I urge all those who are eligible to register to vote, research the candidates, and come out on November 6 to cast a ballot. Since Connecticut’s primaries moved to August, a higher percentage of party members have shown up to vote. Still, the names on the ballot and current events drive turnout more than the date of the election; 2006 was a perfect example of this.”

lagged behind the state figures, according to local registrars, though the pattern was the same: More Republicans came out to vote than Democrats.

Only 24 percent of Republicans cast ballots here, compared to 18 percent of Democrats.

In August of 2010 Democrats and Republicans in Connecticut held gubernatorial primaries and those contests saw 24.88 percent of Democrats turn out for the primary compared to 29.76 of Republicans, Merrill reported.

The primary in the Fifth Congressional District this year, which was highly contentious and focused often on allegations that campaign workers for sought to keep secret some campaign donors, saw the highest voter turnout, with 32.3 percent of Republicans and 23.5 percent of Democrats casting ballots. The town with the highest voter turnout percentage in the primary was Goshen, where 59.4 percent of registered Republicans voted. Plainfield had the lowest voter turnout, with just 11.3 percent of registered Democrats casting ballots.

You can see a town-by-town listing of the turnout results above.

Historical Primary Data

Date Democrats Republicans 8/14/12 19.20% 27.7% 8/10/10 24.88% 29.76% 8/8/06 42.64% N/A 9/15/98 18.70% N/A 9/13/94 25.90% 25.10% 9/15/92     n/a                        22.20% 9/11/90 20.40% N/A 9/9/86     n/a                          21.4%

Turnout by District


Turnout Democrats

Turnout Republicans

Total Turnout

1st Congressional District Total




2nd Congressional District Total




3rd Congressional District Total




4th Congressional District Total




5th Congressional District Total




Cliff Cuming August 24, 2012 at 11:28 PM
IF Is this post of yours an indication of your ability to "argue the substance?"
Cliff Cuming August 25, 2012 at 11:17 AM
Nah, it just baffles me that you want someone else to pay your way
MAC August 25, 2012 at 05:44 PM
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Alethiologist August 26, 2012 at 01:16 PM
FW Well FW I am glad you now realize the current entitlement system structure is unsustainable. I think it needs to be reformed not repealed. Many older citizens are completely dependent on social security and Medicare so the promises made to them should be honored. The reform should be phased in and transfer control of say retirement funds from the government to the wage earner. I like Ryan's plan even though it does not balance the budget for many years. I'll tell you one thing though: I would accept a 10% income tax surcharge if 1. The government cuts 10% across the board from all other government programs. 1. Meaningful reforms were implemented. 1. it were to be used EXCLUSIVELY for social security during the transition period...that means the government could not use it for anything else.
Ipso Facto August 26, 2012 at 05:21 PM
D'Souza's book has been debunked by many political scientists and journalists. Filled with loony, unsubstantiated notions and twisted facts. Go to see The Three Stooges instead; much more fun. BTW, Romney/Ryan have been endorsed by the KKK and John Birch Society.


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