Wilton Unemployment Rate Raises Slightly to 6.5 Percent

The town's labor force and employment rates, however, has grown as well; Wilton's average remains above the county, state and national averages.


There has been a slight increase in Wiltons's local labor situation over the last four weeks — with the town's latest unemployment rate up in October compared to September.

According to the latest figures released by the Connecticut Department of Labor, Wilton's unemployment for October was 6.5 percent, while the town's unemployment rate in September was 6.3 percent.

Additionally, the department's figures showed that the labor force in Wilton grew slightly over the same period: from 8,382 in September to 8,413 in October. The employment rate also saw a small increase from 7,858 to 7,863.

State, National Unemployment Rate

In Connecticut, the pool of jobless people last month rose to 9.0 percent overall. Nationally, the United State's unemployment rate is 7.9 percent.

The Fairfield County unemployment average for October is 7.9 percent, up from 7.5 percent in September.

A PDF of the state's October unemployment report for all towns and cities is attached to this article.

Wilton Numbers

Wilton's unemployment rate was 5.7 percent in January and rose and fell slightly during the following two months until it dropped to 5.0 percent in April. The rate increased to as high as 6.7 percent in July until it dropped to 6.3 percent in September.

Chris P. Bacon November 28, 2012 at 12:20 PM
Welcome to Obama's second term. The stock market sure was excited when he was re-elected, wasn't it? Looking forward to that $7/gal. gas in two years. Is it 2016 yet?
Alethiologist November 28, 2012 at 02:55 PM
Oh, great. Let's make sure we raise taxes again in Wilton, Hartford and DC....that'll teach all of us that taxpayer's life-style aspirations are reserved for government employees only.


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