BoE Passes Statement of Requirements for Miller-Driscoll

The Board, however, didn't vote on whether a new building should be constructed.


The Board of Education unanimously passesd the Statement of Requirements for planned renovations to Elementary School, according to the Wilton Villager.

Before approval, any langauge requiring specific sizes and dimensions for the renovations were removed. The board has also left the possibility of constructing a new building open. It instead decided to focus on "the current and future facilities requirements for the town's pre-school and K through 2 operations," Board of Education Chairman Bruce Likly wrote in an email to the Villager.

, Macolm Whyte, chair of the Council of Public Facilities (CoF),  stated that as-is, the SoR would require an entirely new structure.

“This document can only be implemented with a new building,” he said. “With all the [additions]…you will not end up with a building that fits on that site. There’s no way to add 200 feet to every classroom” without building a new facility, he said.

Amo Probus May 18, 2012 at 10:31 AM
Brace yourself, they will try to spend 50 million for a new building when 25 million would be sufficient.


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