Can Wilton Library Save You Back to School Costs?

The American Library Association says it can.


If you're looking to save a little dough when sending the kids back to school this year, you might want to look inside .

September is the 25th anniversary of Library Card Sign-up Month, a national campaign that seeks to put a library card in the hands of every student. Thousands of public libraries and school libraries will take part in the effort this year by hosting special programs on the free educational resources that libraries offer to students, according to the American Library Association.

At your local library "just 10 hours of computer use, reference assistance and database searches can save families more than $380," the library association says in a press release. "Getting information is easy, but getting the right information takes practice. Why pay for computer training when a library provides free technology workshops for the whole family? More than 90 percent of libraries offer formal or informal technology assistance to library users and 35 percent offer one-on-one technology training by appointment – all for free."

Eileen August 23, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Cute article, but what "technology training"? I don't know a single person that can't use a computer effectively. Particularly school kids...all ages. Are they referring to internet research? Just pick any search engine. It will get you where you need to be. And how does 10 hours of computer time at the library save a person $380? I'm sorry to say that Libraries are going the way of the Model T.
Elyse August 23, 2012 at 04:09 PM
I know of many highly educated adults who are clueless when it comes to certain aspects of using or maintaining their computers (i.e., I've met people who make six figures who didn't know what 'phishing' was). Anybody, yes, can Google but you have to exhibit common sense on which sites are real, which are not. Google 'endangered Pacific Northwest tree octopus' experiment, which is a prime example of how students can be technically adept, but not so literate in understanding what they find. Also, $380 can be the price of a cheap laptop at an electronics store, so for families on tight budgets, that's money saved. Personally, I love libraries. I love being able to browse through books to see if it's something I want to read, and I can read and return it, and not get buried under books at home, and it doesn't cost me anything. How can that not be a good thing? ;)


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