WHS Model Congress Club Cleans Up at Yale Competition

In addition to individual student awards, the WHS Model Congress club was recognized as "Outstanding Small Delegation."

Alex Bendix, Alexander Rappaport and Drew Gumins (Seated from left to right). Credit: Kenneth Dunaj
Alex Bendix, Alexander Rappaport and Drew Gumins (Seated from left to right). Credit: Kenneth Dunaj

The Wilton High School Model Congress participated this past weekend at the 2013 Yale Model Congress in New Haven, and the students who attended had a successful legislative session. 

The WHS Model Congress has met weekly and debated after school for the past eleven years.  

Each week students have the opportunity to act as U.S. congressmen and senators.  Advised by Wilton High School History/Political Science teacher Mr. Kenneth Dunaj, model congress students are coached and instructed on how to develop policies and collaboratively work with individuals with varying opinions.

Twenty-two WHS students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, demonstrated their mastery of skills and concepts learned daily from the outstanding educators at Wilton High School.  

Prior to and during the annual weekend conference, each student who participated, researched topics of interest and composed an original piece of legislation to introduce at the conference.  

For four consecutive days, December 5 to the 8, the Wilton High School Model Congress students debated and voted on student bills with other Northeastern high school students. 

Similar to the men and women in the District of Columbia, the students debated and compromised in order to attempt to have their legislation passed in small committees and full congressional secessions. 

The WHS Model Congress club received recognition for being the Outstanding Small Delegation as well as numerous individual student awards.  The following students were recognized for their debating and writing success at the 2013 Yale Model Congress:

  • Jess Kobsa-Outstanding Legislation on Energy and Natural Resources Committee
  • Cole Ford- Outstanding Legislation on the Agriculture Committee
  • Jack Alibrandi- Honorable Mention on the Homeland Security Committee
  • Emily Fanwick-Second Honorable Mention on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee
  • Jeremy Brewer-Honorable Mention on the Supreme Court
  • Alex Bendix-Honorable Mention on Intelligence Committee
  • Irish Harvey-Second Honorable Mention in the Blue House Full Session (A debate of over two hundred students)

RED4 December 10, 2013 at 07:56 AM
That was funny
Leslie Yager (Editor) December 10, 2013 at 08:00 AM
Congrats to the Model Congress Club for all their hard won honors.
robin lynch December 10, 2013 at 12:14 PM
Congratulations to these achievers who continue to represent Wilton High School in such a positive way!
jalibran December 10, 2013 at 02:15 PM
Congrats to our Model Congress Team!! What a wonderful achievement. So proud of you!!
Jonnie Harvey December 10, 2013 at 10:37 PM
A Truly remarkable group of scholars. And a special thank you to Mr. Dunaj and Mrs. lyall for all their time and support.


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