A Tour of the Progressive Norwalk Boat Show

Don't skip the "Try it Cove" for a chance to go out in a sailboat, kayak, stand-up paddle board or the amphibious "Sea Legs." This is also the best way to get some perspective on the rows of boats.

"Azul" is the biggest boat at the Progressive Norwalk Boat Show. Credit: Leslie Yager
"Azul" is the biggest boat at the Progressive Norwalk Boat Show. Credit: Leslie Yager
The weather is still feels like summer and the Progressive Norwalk Boat Show continues through Sunday at Norwalk's Cove Marina

On Friday, show manager Jon Pritko chatted with Patch. "It's a really great experience for the entire family and the serious boater as well," he said. "Fifteen and under are free and we have a lot of kids' activities in our Kids Cove. Everything is free. Face painting. Kids paddle boating. Kids can create their own boat and bring it home."

Pritkin went on to list the "Try it Cove" activities for adults. "If you want to learn how to do stand-up paddleboard, kayaking, take a sailboat out, take a power boat out, or the sea legs, which is an amphibious vehicle that goes in water and also on land. All of that is free of charge."

Not far from the main gate, Deadliest Catch's Johnathan Hillstrand greeted fans and took a moment to speak to Patch. Hillstrand described his love of everything to do with boats, but grew most animated talking about how doodling on a pad while recovering from an accident resulted in his first children's book. 

Hillstrand broke several ribs in three separate accidents, each requiring a hospital stay. The result is a series of three children's books, which he both wrote and illustrated.

In the Try it Cove, Sound Sailing Center's Ken Shastri volunteered a ride in one of the center's keel boats. The ride was peaceful and the best way to capture the scale of the boats on camera. See Patch on Monday for the full photo gallery.

The Progressive Norwalk Boat Show runs through Sunday. 
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The best two days in a boaters life are the day you buy a boat and the day you sell the boat.


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