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Landmark Preschool
20 Portland Ave, Redding, CT 06896
Landmark Preschool is a preschool for early learning serving children ages one through five. Landmark offers a broadMore range of activities to foster the education, growth and development of the whole child. Starting with “Fun for Ones,” a program for parents and children together, children can enjoy a stimulating program designed to help them develop language, social and motor skills with the guidance of an experienced teacher. Parents also learn tips and techniques to help their little ones grow. Landmark’s Twos program is a great first step towards independence as children spend their time in our classroom without a parent. Weekly themes keep children interested and engaged while the teachers work with each student to help him or her develop important skills. Socializing with peers, fine and gross motor skills, and developing students use of language are a focus in this program. Concepts such as colors, shapes, letters and numbers are introduced. In Landmark’s Threes program children enjoy a program that includes monthly themes and special subjects such as gym, music, and foreign language. A typical day in the Threes includes art, choice time, literacy and math activities, technology, recess, story, and circle. Landmark’s Fours program also offers special subjects including gym, music, foreign language, and technology. The Fours day is filled with exciting activities including science, math, literacy, art, technology, recess, and choice time. Monthly themes include space, the rainforest, dinosaurs and more. Our Fives program encompasses everything that is part of a traditional Kindergarten curriculum and more. Students are instructed in an intimate classroom environment with a six-to-one student-to-teacher ratio using a hands-on approach to learning. Students in the program work on developing literacy skills, perform experiments and investigate the many “centers” that make-up their classroom. We know that many children enjoy the added challenge of the academics, but we also recognize that they still need opportunities to play, socialize & to learn through multi-sensory materials. At the end of the Fives year our students have completed a full Kindergarten curriculum and have the choice to attend our Kindergarten on our Westport or Ridgefield Academy campus or elsewhere or proceed to first grade. Our approach combines a dynamic introduction to academics with opportunities to socialize, explore, create and play. Young children do not see learning and play as two different things, and neither do we. Whether painting a rocket to explore outer space or examining a tide pool at the water table, our students keep busy exploring their world, making personal discoveries, and stretching imaginations.
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