Nathan Allen
I’ve worked in every sector of college admissions – standardized test R&D and prep, college admissions and marketing, content production and publishing. My adventures in education have taken me from the pages of Seventeen magazine and the Chronicle of Higher Education to lecterns in such far away places as Kolkata, India and San Francisco. I’ve also written a few books (on college admissions, standardized test prep and assorted other fun topics). Currently, I’m president of test prep non-profit Blueprint for Success (www.bp4s.org).
From years (almost decades -- yikes) in college admissions, it’s obvious that you’re your own best advocate. It’s oftentimes less obvious that sometimes you’re your only advocate. Unfortunately, this is often true in the college admissions process. Arm yourself with information and a healthy dose of skepticism. If you've got education/college/college admissions related questions, feel free to email them to me at nathan@bp4s.org. I can't respond individually but will attempt to answer questions in future articles. (And I can't reply to questions in the comments field.)
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